Day 4: Winchester Bay to Port Orford (Sept 8th)

GP leading the line
Heading south
Bridge into North Bend
Cape Blanco – the western most point of the contiguous US. Stu is not on a bike.

We set off together round a scenic beachfront road through Winchester Bay past the replacement of the oldest lighthouse in the US and up a climb back to the 101. Steady and drafting.

The 101 down there is beautiful with lakes and forest and we went over yet another bridge and through North Bend with Stu begging for a full American breakfast stop. We steered him away from DQ to a little diner in Charleston that served us up a great breakfast. It can just in time to tackle the 7 Devils Road which started with a. Climb past a composting company.

We stopped in Bandon for coffee and snacks meeting Suzy and the truck with cold wind whipping in off the water. Back on the 101 we pounded it down to the Cape Blanco turn off and into crazy string headwinds and climbs for 5 miles. Dave‘a chain broke on a climb so me and GP carried on to the lighthouse. At the top is the western most point of the contiguous U.S. (basically not counting Alaska and Hawaii). The winds were so high that it was difficult to keep the bikes upright. Suzy was there and we picked up water before heading back. Dave and Stu successfully mended the chain then drove up and back to see the lighthouse before rejoining us.

We hit the 101 again into Port Orford and down to Castaway by the Sea – a hotel with unbelievable views. The book I got this route from nailed the overnights 100%.

Despite the temptations of the Crazy Norwegian, we ate at Redfish. Food and cocktails and an almost full moon over the bay rounded out an amazing day of 92 miles and 5000+ feet of climbing. And for GP – the biggest ride he’d ever done. Class.