Day 5: Port Orford to California (Sept 9th)

Day 5 on the 101
A Suzy stop
Arriving at the border

Today on the final day we left Port Orford aiming for the California border sign and then back to Brookings for the final Airbnb of the trip.

It started with a climb up and around Humbug mountain and the start of a ton of stunning views south down the coast. The coastline changed a lot today as did the light and the temperature with it suddenly going up to 27 / 80 degrees on one beach run. Double water today.

We passed the dinosaur park and did a long stretch on the 101 with medium traffic. The biggest climb of the day was ahead of Gold Beach and it earned us a massive downhill. Tried to break the 50mph barrier in the traffic free downhill and came close at 49.7.

In Gold beach we did some bike repairs and had some lunch at First Chapter a great little cafe. Breakfast burritos, cokes, coffees and cookies.

Into the last stretch getting close we passed through Brookings getting off the 101 for a scenic harbor run and then to the California border where Suzy met us at the sign before turning around and heading back to a house on the beach.

So today we did it. The totals for this week ended up at 412.26 miles and 24,419 feet including our little test ride over the Astoria bridge in rain and high winds. We lucked out the rest of the week with sunshine pretty much all the way and not a drop of rain. We also enjoyed the NNW tailwind that had been predicted for this time of year.

Dinner down on the harbor and then back to hang out on the deck at another great find – an Airbnb on the beach with a Pacific Coast sunset.

And J’aime and I nearly hit $3500 for the INTO Giving charity – thank you so much. There’s still time for any final donations at the JustGiving site if anyone wants to push us over!